Make sure your business moves in the direction you want

Our consultants, along with your input, can help set and review meaningful objectives that help you to achieve your goals.

Forecasting achievable revenue

We will work with you to ensure that the revenue you want to achieve not only matches any required profit or builds on last year’s achievement, but also that your staffing levels are appropriate to this.

Cost forecasting

Our consultants familiarise themselves with the costs that you’re expecting and planning for, working with you to create a budgeted figure to allow for better management of cash, avoiding the impact of over-spend on your bottom line.

Calculating contribution

We will help you to calculate your unit cost, not only to assist you in ensuring that you are hitting profit targets, but also to allow you to check that you’re charging appropriately. It’s a reliable and consistent way to reduce over-servicing within your agency.

Target setting

We will work with you to understand your key goals, setting appropriate objectives that will move your business in the desired direction. We can help translate these objectives into motivational targets for your team.

Performance analysis

Our consultants, alongside you, will track how well you’re performing against your targets and, where necessary, keep an open dialogue about the suitability of the processes in place to achieve them.

Tools for reviewing

The unexpected is something that we can’t plan for, but understanding your monthly or quarterly position can help you better manage it and ensure that those anomalies don’t become a regular occurrence.

Year on year comparisons

If you are trying to build your business, checking back on last year will allow you to see your growth, and spotting year on year trends will also help you better plan for the future.


Understanding how your performance compares to others in the market is good way of testing where you stand, whilst keeping you competitive and potentially uncovering areas where you may be underperforming or have a competitive advantage.

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