See how Synergist could help you be the best businesses you can be

Synergist gives you live data and strategic insight to make the best decisions, from the difficult ones like walking away from an unprofitable client, to the great ones like hiring new staff.

Increase efficiency, reduce over servicing, and make informed decisions with the right data when you need it and solid processes put in place by agency experts.

What's involved

We begin by understanding your business setup, current challenges and future goals so we can design a demo around how you’re likely to use Synergist and the features most useful for you. Then we book a demo for a time that works for you and any colleagues who need to be involved. We’re happy to run a more detailed demo further down the line that’s more relevant to specific team members too.

The demo

We tailor the demo based on your ways of working and what you want to achieve. You’ll get a flavour of how the system works, the type of setup that would give you what you need, and discover functionality that will help you reach your goals.

What next

With an understanding of how Synergist could help you optimise performance today and support your ambitions, we’ll put together a proposal that will cover your Synergist subscription and personalised onboarding programme.

We know introducing or upgrading an agency management system is a big decision and it’s important you make the right choice. So, we can arrange further demos to go through specific features for particular needs or introduce the system to other people in your team. We can even bring Synergist to life using your own data.

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