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We’re the exclusive sales and implementation partner of Synergist, the UK’s leading agency management software, designed for agencies who want to optimise business performance.

What will Synergist do for you?

Synergist allows you to see everything that’s happening in your agency in real-time, from job progress and profitability to revenue forecasts and capacity.

It does the job of multiple systems – from new business management, project and job costing, scheduling, timesheeting, project accounting to project communication – removing duplication and bringing all your data together to provide live dashboards and reliable reporting at a click of a button.

It provides you with all of the data you need to make the right choices, from the difficult ones like walking away from an unprofitable client, to the great ones like hiring new staff.

Gain control of your business with live visibility and performance reporting helping you focus on what’s important.


Time and Finances

Synergist allows you to identify jobs that have exceeded quoted hours with the click of a button. It’s easy to identify the clients regularly being over-serviced, or the jobs and tasks being incorrectly quoted. Synergist integrates with all the leading accounting system making your data reliable and easily accessible.

Planning and Tracking

Gain full visibility of your projects and pipeline. Synergist enables you to manage new business, schedule projects based on budgets, track job progress and recognise revenue, and plan capacity. The Synergist app also lets you can record time and access your dashboard on the go.

Communication & Sharing

Communicate and share information easily across your teams. CRM, document management and Kanban boards help you keep all your project and client communications together. And email integration helps you can keep track of tasks.

Reporting and Management

Gain full visibility of your agency using management, sales and personal dashboards. Get up-to-the-minute forecasts, finance reports and profitability by job, job type, client and more. Plus, get alerts and automated reports straight to your inbox.

Get your processes, people and systems working together

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