Pipeline Management

  • Create action and to-do lists with email reminders for follow ups needed
  • View sales to both new business and repeat business opportunities – with a drill down of details
  • New business reporting and analysis to help overall business forecasting

Capacity Planning

  • View demand by skill, department or team over the coming days, weeks or months
  • Accurately manage your resource by comparing demand with resource availability
  • Drill down to see where demand is coming from
  • Perform analysis to see how winning a job would impact your resource and capacity


  • Drag-and-drop scheduling
  • Information from timing plans and estimates can be fed through the scheduling tool
  • Accounts team can request time requests through the system
  • Current and planned time is instantly visible
  • Under- or over-loading is easily preventable
  • Account teams can view the planned schedule but not make changes

Job/Project Tracking

  • Project tracker lets you see how you’re progressing against budget and deadlines
  • See a live snapshot of progress vs budget, along with actual and forecast profitability
  • Colour changing thermometers show areas needing further investigation
  • Run cost reports straight from jobs
  • View who has, is and will be working on a job

Project Planning

  • Create a realistic project plan quickly and easily
  • Completed schedules can be emailed to clients as a PDF
  • As the project progresses, Synergist automatically builds a history of it, tracking who does what and when
  • Accurately forecasts financial performance

Kanban Boards

  • Visualise your tasks and projects
  • See the progress of tasks and projects at-a-glance
  • You can set as many workflow statuses as your process requires
  • Views can be filtered i.e. to task type

Keep your jobs running smoothly and reduce over-servicing.

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