92% of Synergist users love the system

The Agency Works is the sales and implementation partner of Synergist, the UK’s leading job costing and project management system for creative / digital agencies and project-based businesses.

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What can Synergist do for you?

Synergist allows you to see everything in real-time, from job progress and the new business pipeline to recorded time and available resource. Synergist does the job of multiple systems, like quoting, scheduling, timesheets and new business management, bringing all of the data together to provide reliable reporting and live dashboards.

Reduce over-servicing

Synergist allows you to identify jobs that have exceeded quoted hours with the click of a button. It’s easy to identify the clients regularly being over-serviced, or the jobs and tasks being incorrectly quoted.

Increase efficiency

Synergist highlights where internal processes can be improved or refined The Agency Works consultants ensure that you implement these changes in a way that compliments your Synergist system.

Make informed decisions

Synergist provides you with all of the data you need to make the right choices, from the difficult ones like walking away from an unprofitable client, to the great ones like hiring new staff.