Get it right from the start

Selecting the right project management system is one thing – having the time and expertise to onboard it perfectly, so it achieves all your objectives, is another. That’s why The Agency Works is the trusted implementation partner of Synergist.

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The Process

We set up your system so that it works for everyone in your business. We combine our knowledge of best practice processes with a thorough understanding of your company’s ways of working, to help you master your financial and project management.


Our Projects team will spend time discussing the onboarding process with you.


We'll get the relevant data and information from you to ensure your system is set-up and configured to best meet your requirements.


We conduct all of our training remotely via screen share so that you can lean the basics of Synergist from your own desk.

Project management

You'll nominate a Super User, who will be your internal lead throughout the onboarding and beyond. Your Super User is your Synergist guru, so they'll be the main point of contact for us and you and they'll continue to champion Synergist after Implementation is complete.


Once Synergist is operational our Client Relations team continue to work with you to develop the team, update you on new developments and offer consultative advice on arising business challenges. We will introduce you to our monthly webinar programme and even help you to incentivise your teams to post their timesheets.