Perfect for new users who need to learn the key features of Synergist. The videos feature simple, step-by-step instructions for common tasks within the system.

1. General Synergist Management

Batch Updating

Learn how to update multiple records at once.

User Management

Learn how to copy an existing Synergist user, in order to replicate their access for a new user.

Creating a view

Learn how to save a view showing just the information you need.

Adding Phases

Learn how to add phases to your jobs.

Scheduling Time

Learn how to record your time in the system.

2. Job creation and management

Jobs vs opp

Learn the difference between a job and an opportunity.

Create a new job

Learn how to create a job or opportunity from scratch with phases.

Copying a job

Learn how to create a job from a template.

Creating a job template

Learn how to create a template that jobs and opportunities can be created from.

Adding time to your estimate

Learn how to add a time to your estimate.

Adding a purchase estimate

Learn how to setup and create a purchase estimate.

Building a quote

Learn how to setup and build a quote.

Quote Revisions

Learn how to amend a quote.

Create a billing plan

Learn about billing plans and how to create one.

Creating a purchase order

Learn how to create a purchase order.

Promoting an opportunity

Learn how to promote an opportunity to a job.

Understanding the Job Dashboard

Learn how to better manage your Job Dashboard.

Estimate Tab

Learn how to maximise the estimate tab.

Quote Tab

Learn how to maximise the quote tab.

Gantt charts

Making sense of your Gantt charts.

3. Timesheets

Daily Timesheets

Learn how to complete daily timesheets.

Weekly Timesheets

Learn how to complete weekly timesheets.

Reversing a timesheet

Learn how to reverse or undo a timesheet.

Time Recording From Kanban Cards

How to record time using Kanban boards.


How to manage expenses.

Add Expenses (browser & App)

How to add and submit expenses.

Personal Dashboard

Understanding and using your personal dashboard.

4. General Synergist Management

Non Working Days

Marking your non working days.

Transferring Costs

How to transfer a cost.

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